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There are snipers attacking you from every window of this got forgotten street in eastern Bagdad
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12 July 2008

Editor's review

Snipers or sharp shooters have been playing a crucial role in the battle fields through out the history of warfare. It’s a well known fact how these sharp shooters almost single handedly turned the wheel of fortune in favor of the former Soviet Union during the World War II, in the battle of Stalingrad. The world has come a long way ever since, and the nature of the battles fought today are way different than what they used to be during the WW2. But snipers continue to play a decisive role in the battles fought even today. In fact that importance has increased significantly in the past few decades as conventional warfare has been replaced by guerrilla warfare to a great extent. One perfect example is the recent Iraq war where Iraqi snipers were seen offering fierce resistance to the advancing US led NATO troops. IraqSniperAssault 3.0 is an action-thriller game based on the same theme.

IraqSniperAssault is a freeware game which revolves around the happenings of the US invasion of Iraq. The game has a pretty basic graphic that goes really soft on your system resources. The controls are fairly simple, and can be easily handled by even the most “technically challenged” people on Earth. What makes the game a really exciting one is that its not just about the shooting or action, but also about the uncertainty in the moves of your opponent (the Artificial Intelligence). You, along with your team set out on regular missions, only to be finding yourself within the range of the Iraqi snipers waiting for you in the windows of the buildings in the war-devastated city of Baghdad. The game definitely demands for steel nerves and precise aiming abilities.

Overall, IraqSniperAssault 3.0 is a nice little game, built to thrill all the war-freak gamers out there. Though the graphics quality is somewhat low, but still, the game precisely achieves what the developers originally aimed for- a small, action packed and goose-bump giving game. Hence it gets a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

There are snipers attacking you from every window of this got forgotten street in eastern Bagdad.
Not only do they present a threat for you, but for the whole platoon of US army troops. You simply have to take them down and secure the place for your troops. This game is a game of steel nerves and precision. You may be better eq1uipped than the enemies, but they know the place better than you do and have the advantage of taking you unprepared.
Come on, show what you got, do not be woos, take your sniper and shoot them down.
Version 3.0
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